Aims Part 3: Comparing Points of View on Global Warming Part 4: Forming Opinions about Global Warming

Use content from broadcasts to illustrate some of the controversy surrounding global warming. Pose the following question: In your opinion, has human activity caused the world’s climate to change over the past 100 years? Students have to do a research about different scientific theories.
Ask students to write 2-3 persuasive paragraphs (article) to answer the following questions:
• Is global warming an imminent world threat? Why or why not?
• Based on your opinion, what actions do you believe should be taken to address the global warming issue?
Display student articles and/or have students present them to the class as a way of demonstrating their point of view on global warming issues.

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Greek team present its work on this topic.

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Romanian team activity on Global warming , part 2.

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February 2021

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